I turned down my dream job today. Two years ago- I would have murdered a child and sold my kidneys to drifters to work there. But today it doesn't work as well. A six hour (three each way) commute each week is not only unpleasant, but also environmentally ridiculous for someone working in EE. The Army blows. … Continue reading Crack


For all those out marching today- in hopes that we remember that all this inflammatory nonsense online and in the news is too simplistic- we are complex creatures with complex motives, but we are all in this together. Fight for rights, fight for equality, fight for love, and fight for each other. It might be … Continue reading Decrescendo


I legitimately forgot I had a blog for a little while there.Oopsydaisy...This will neither be my longest nor my most eloquent post- I am catching up on sleep and having a lazy, mindless day. It's glorious. So far, my weekends- those long awaited oasises of peace and rest- have been crazy busy and kind of … Continue reading Oops.

The Banks

Ugh. Blogger is annoying me.ALL I WANT IS FOR THE TITLE TO BE CENTERED. IS THIS SO HARD??Blergenderben.Greetings, oh wired world! I am working away in my (actually shared with my boss) little (actually huge) office in sunny (actually -40) Fairbanks. It's a normal day in my new life.In the last week, I have poked … Continue reading The Banks